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Outline of Business

  • Efficient mobile unit
  • Easy on animals
  • Handles wet sheep
  • Contract rates/price effective
  • Powered by mains or generator
  • Work from front, back or temporary yards



Follow the Leader

Everyone knows how sheep follow each other.  In most cases it is a relatively easy task for someone to keep the sheep flowing.

Working in the Wet

As long as you are happy to work in your yards in wet conditions, I can crutch your wet sheep.  Working as a shearer I had so much down time, only getting night pens and waiting around on fine days for sheep to dry.

Covered Yards

Setting up in covered yards can be an advantage, especially in bad weather.

On the Move

The trailer fully loaded, which includes generator weighs less than a tonne.  It is shown here being towed by my 4WD 2 litre car with no problem at all.  Often we hook it on to a Quad bike to manoeuvre around yards and can even be handled by hand.  A tractor can be used for those hard to get at places.

Directly Off Drafting Race

Where possible working directly off a race is an easy setup.  I do carry hurdles which can adapt to all kinds of situations. 

Working from Portable Yards

In the case of this photo ewes are being dagged and lambs are getting crutched prior to weaning.  By using portable yards out on the farm, hours are saved mustering stock to a woolshed and lambs are back with mum on pasture in a very short time.